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My heart feels such a strong and undeniable pull towards documenting the  sanctity of the family in all of it's raw, and sometimes unbridled, simplicity. 

I have ditched the idea of solely focusing on getting everyone to look and awkwardly smile in unison in exchange for an approach that documents each and every moment as it truly is and not how we have been conditioned to believe that it "should" look like. My desire is that everyone's time in front of my camera feels like a genuine 'day in the life' of your family. My hope is that the galleries of priceless images that I deliver provide the feeling of a big ol' hug that that floods the brain and warms the heart with feelings of warm, fuzzy nostalgia. I want every image to feel like home.

my passion goes far beyond  just the start of a love story.

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"I found Bekah through Instagram and I knew when I saw her work that we had to have her photograph our family! This was our forever home, and our last baby. When she photographs she tells a story and catches every emotion, moody toddler and all. I wanted to look back on these and remember what a blissful little bubble it was! She is the most down to earth person, I’m so grateful for her God given talent and love for people!”

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"Bekah and Jesse’s talent and artistry is truly unmatched. I was blown away viewing my gallery for the first time after shooting our family session. The images were so raw and real and the exact way I want to remember my children in this fleeting phase of childhood. I truly have not seen such honestly captivating images of their sweet spirits until I saw Bekah capture these moments. I am so thankful to have them!”
-Jessie Kate

Bekah is an awesome person to work with. She is upbeat and helpful and she strives to capture who you really are (somehow magically while getting the best angle possible)! I can't recommend her enough. I will be using her for all of our professional photos from here on out!

Family sessions STARTING AT $650 -

Time is precious and oh so fleeting
It is something we can never get back once it sneaks up on us and slips by without us realizing where it came from or where it has gone. The ability to freeze a moment in time is a true gift and it is one I do not take lightly. This gift of preserving a moment in time paired with the art of photography takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to documenting the indescribable bond between parent and child. This is why family sessions are so near and dear to my heart. One day our babies will be grown and all that we will have left of their childhood are the stories we can recall and the photographs that we have. I am here to provide you with timeless images that are so authentic that you can't help but get lost in the memory of how it felt to hold them in your arms before they outgrew them without warning.

sweet baby bumps

Bringing a child into the world is a miracle...

We believe that God, our loving creator, intricately knits together each and every precious baby in a unique and fascinating way! Our views regarding life is what makes documenting the sweet season of pregnancy so special. 

Maternity sessions starting at $650

FUN FACT: I am super passionate about pregnancy, birth and postpartum! As a homebirth mama, I often say that if I were not a photographer, I would love to be a doula or a midwife! My love for all things baby related makes it so fun and incredibly easy for me to relate with and celebrate fellow moms!

in home
Newborn sessions
starting at $700

There's no place like home, so what better place to document your baby's first few days of life than in the space that you all feel the most comfortable in?

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bump to baby bundle
starting at $1900

From the moment that your heart skips a beat when you see that second little line to the third trimester kicks, baby's first week at home and the first birthday that comes all too quickly, this bundle covers it all in the sweetest of ways.

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what's included?

- A mini session of your choice
(announcement, gender reveal, milestone, etc.)
- A one hour maternity session
- A one hour newborn session (in home or in studio)
- A one hour family session at any point between 6-12 months

Bundle may be customized to include additional milestone sessions throughout baby's first year upon request!