nostalgic storytelling

through the art of emotive & heartfelt imagery

Who we are

First, and most importantly, we are followers of Jesus.
We have founded our lives and this business upon His word and faithfulness! Our passion and unique eye for photography is our ministry, and we find great joy in sharing it with others!

We would love the opportunity to serve you well!

more about us

We are Jesse & Bekah...




It is our ultimate goal to be intentional about capturing priceless moments in such a way that when you look back on them 20 years down the road, you not only see how the images look but that you also remember how the moment felt.

As husband and wife, we realize how difficult marriage can be. It is our sincere hope that the photos we provide will serve as a reminder of the initial love you felt and the commitment you will make to the one you choose to love throughout this life. At the end of the day, love is not a feeling, it is a daily decision. 


we love a good Love story... 

"Our engagement photos turned out absolutely stunning and we will cherish these photos for a lifetime. Not only did she capture our love for each other, but she also managed to capture our personalities in each shot, making everything feel so natural. Bekah's passion for capturing beautiful moments and her attention to detail made us feel incredibly comfortable throughout the entire process. She has a true talent for bringing out the beauty in every shot she takes. In addition to our engagement photos, Bekah has also captured some of the most precious moments of our lives and her ability to capture the emotion and essence of these moments is truly remarkable." -Savannah

"Bekah perfectly captured the moody, vintage, and romantic feel we were hoping for..."

"Bekah is always the absolute best! I have never felt more comfortable working with a photographer. She has beautiful ideas, but also encourages my thoughts and creativity. She truly takes my photoshoot dreams and gives them life. We want her to capture all of our important life moments for years to come!"

"She has beautiful ideas,
but also encourages my thoughts and creativity..."

"Bekah & Jesse are a photography dream team! They completely embraced the moody vintage vibes of our wedding and captured our day in the most beautiful and artistic way. We will cherish these pictures forever. Bekah and Jesse’s talent, kindness, and professionalism were above and beyond. We are honored to call them friends, and we look forward to capturing many more beautiful memories with them."

"Bekah and Jesse’s talent, kindness, and professionalism were above and beyond..."