we are bekah and jesse.
 We have a whirlwind of a love story that includes us meeting, planning a wedding and getting married all in less than a year. We have now been married for 5 years and we are "ma" and "pa" to our darling 3 year old, Alaska.
 Throughout our journey together, a few things have become evident to us... 

Who you hire to document your love story and wedding day goes far beyond their editing style or social media presence. It's about connection.

no. 1

Things that I thought mattered on our wedding day didn't actually matter all that much. It's the little moments that nobody else would remember that I remember the most vividly. 

no. 2

Your wedding day doesn't always genuinely reflect your love story, even when you have the best of intentions throughout the planning process. 

no. 3

We find great joy in serving people through the gift of photography. We truly believe that this business is successful because of nothing other than the goodness of God.

We realize and celebrate the fact that each couple is unique and we enjoy documenting each story in a way that showcases your personality and love languages. When you book with us, you can rest assured knowing that it will be a fun, comfortable and out of the box experience. We zero in on the little in between moments that consists of genuine laughter, tears rolling down cheeks, unplanned eskimo kisses, spontaneous bear hugs, booty grabs and windblown hair. We are at your service to do nothing other than capture the raw essence of your love.


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Let's chat about your love story!

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